Posted on: December 5, 2009 12:31 am

Bracketology-Coming Again To a Blog Near You

I will be doing my own version of bracketology again this year. I've just started transitioning from watching college football to watching more college basketball. The season is still early with not enough games having been played for me to do a bracketology based on the way I do my bracketology.

My bracketology is different from the ones you see from writers on CBS and ESPN like Palm and Lunardi in that I don't take into account any kind of preseason expectations or predictions about W-L for the rest of the season. My bracketology projections are based entirely on results up until that point in the season, acting as if the season was over and it was Selection Sunday. I also try to follow all the Principles and Procedures that the NCAA Selection Committee uses in seeding teams, creating matchups to avoid rematches, and sending to various locations (pods).

You can check how I did last year in comparision to other bracketologists at the end of the season at the Bracket Matrix site http://bracketproject.50webs.com/ma
. If you must get your fix of Bracketology this early in the season visit Dan's blog http://dantheman4250.blogs.cbssport
where he does a bracket based a little bit on preseason expectations and results of the season thus far. As time goes on his bracket will be become more like my style of bracket based solely on performance to date. I hope to have the first edition of my bracketology up around the beginning of the year once non-conference play winds down and the RPI becomes more stable.

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