Posted on: March 14, 2010 5:51 pm


My final edition of Bracketology before the Selection Show can be found here.

Last Four In: Utah State, UTEP, Minnesota, Mississippi State
Last Four Out: Illinois, Florida, Virginia Tech, Rhode Island

You can see how well I did compared to other bracketologists by going to the Bracket Matrix site after the brackets are announced.
Posted on: March 12, 2010 8:59 pm

Bracketology 3/12/10

I posted a new bracket taking into account games through this afternoon.

Illinois returns to the bracket after their win against Wisconsin today. Ohio State, thanks to Evan Turner's miracle buzzer-beater, is still in the hunt for a 2 seed, but not quite there yet. All of my #2 seeds; West Virginia, Purdue, Kansas State and New Mexico have better resumes than the Buckeyes. I think in order for the Buckeyes to get a #2 they have to hope one of those teams slips up in their conference tournament.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke
#2 seeds: West Virginia, Purdue, Kansas State, New Mexico
#3 seeds: Ohio State, Villanova, Baylor, Michigan State
#4 seeds: Temple, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin

The entire bracket can be found here .

The bracket is constantly changing and fluid, especially with the last few teams in and out as teams win or lose in their conference tournament. By tomorrow, the last few teams in and out will probably change based on tonight's games.
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Lobofan2003's bracket 1/23/10

I usually post my bracketology on Friday, but this week I had to fly out of town for a job interview on Thursday, so this is a day late. It does not take into account any of the results from Saturday.

The biggest shakeup in this week's bracket is on the 1 and 2 seed lines. With Kansas St.'s victory over Texas they move up to a 2 seed and knock the Longhorns down to a 2-seed. It was a really close call between Syracuse and Texas for the final #1 seed, in reality both are deserving of a 1 seed, but Syracuse's better RPI and SOS gave them the nod. Below you see all of the top seeds:

#1 seeds: Kentucky (#1 overall seed), Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse
#2 seeds: Texas, Kansas St., Georgetown, Duke
#3 seeds: Pittsburgh, Purdue, Michigan St., W. Virginia
#4 seeds: Wisconsin, Temple, Tennessee, Gonzaga

The other difficult part was the last four teams in and the last four teams out. You could just easily switch any or all of the last four teams in and out.

As of Friday:
Last Four Temas In- Florida St., Louisville, St. John's, Wichita St.
Last Four Teams Out- Oklahoma St., VCU, Illinois, Richmond

See the entire bracket here: Lobofan's 2003 Bracketology

Thanks for all your comments and questions.

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