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Bracketology Update 1/31

I have been working on a new edition of my bracket taking into account the results of this weekend's games. I don't have the matchups worked out yet, but here are the seeds:

#1 seeds: Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse, Kentucky
#2 seeds: Georgetown, Duke, Michigan St., Purdue
#3 seeds: West Virginia, Texas, Kansas St., Temple
#4 seeds: Vanderbilt, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh
#5 seeds: Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, BYU
#6 seeds: Gonzaga, Butler, Ohio St., Baylor
#7 seeds: Missouri, Xavier, Rhode Island, Oklahoma St.
#8 seeds: UAB, UNLV, Northern Iowa, Florida St.
#9 seeds: Mississippi, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, Charlotte
#10 seeds: Connecticut, Clemson, Florida, California,
#11 seeds: Richmond, Seton Hall, Dayton, Old Dominion
#12 seeds: William & Mary, Maryland, Cornell, Utah State
#13 seeds: Siena, Oakland, Kent State, College of Charleston
#14 seeds: George Mason, Sam Houston St., Pacific, Murray State
#15 seeds: Weber State, Jacksonville, Coastal Carolina, Morgan State
#16 seeds: Arkansas St., Stony Brook, Robert Morris, Lehigh, Jackson State

Last Four In: Dayton, William & Mary, Old Dominion, Maryland
Last Four Out: Minnesota, Louisville, Arizona, St. Mary's
Next Four Out: North Carolina, San Diego State, South Carolina, Wichita State

Edit: You can find all of the matchups here .

It took a long time to avoid all the rematches and follow the procedures. There were two switches in seed lines to avoid rematches and avoid procedural violations. UNLV and Oklahoma St. were switched as well as William & Mary and Dayton.
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Bracketology- Selection Sunday Final Edition

Here is the final edition of my bracketology. You all can hold me against Lunardi and the experts and see how I do.

Auto bids are in CAPS. The winner of the South Region will play the winner of the East Region; the winner of the Midwest Region will play the winner of the West Region.

Last Four In: San Diego State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Boston College

Last Four Out: St. Mary's, Creighton, Arizona, New Mexico

Next Four Out: UNLV, Auburn, South Carolina, Florida

Note: In my mind the last four teams in, and the last four teams out are interchangable. I wouldn't be surprised to see any of the last four in be out, and any of the last four out be in. In my mind, all eight teams are deserving; there have been just too many bid-stealers for the last four out to get in.

South Region (Memphis)

Games played in Dayton:

8 Oklahoma St. vs. 9 UTAH ST.

Games played in Boise:


Games played in Miami:

3 Wake Forest vs. 14 AKRON
6 Ucla vs. 11 TEMPLE

Games played in Kansas City:

2 Oklahoma vs. 15 PORTLAND ST.
7 Louisiana St. vs. 10 Minnesota

East Region (Boston)

Games played in Greensboro:

1 North Carolina vs. 16 MOREHEAD ST.
8 Brigham Young vs. 9 Michigan

Games played in Boise:

4 Syracuse vs. 13 NORTHERN IOWA
5 Arizona St. vs. 12 VCU

Games played in Philadelphia:

3 Villanova vs. 14 NORTH DAKOTA ST.
6 Tennessee vs. 11 Maryland

Games played in Kansas City:

7 Ohio St. vs. 10 USC

Midwest Region (Indianapolis)

Games played in Dayton:

1 Pittsburgh vs. 16 Play-in game Winner (CHATTANOOGA vs. ALABAMA ST.)
8 Texas vs. 9 California

Games played in Miami:

4 Florida St. vs. 13 CLEVELAND ST.
5 Illinois vs. 12 MISSISSIPPI ST.

Games played in Minneapolis:

3 Kansas vs. 14 ROBERT MORRIS
6 Clemson vs. 11 San Diego St.

2 Michigan St. vs. 15 CORNELL
7 W. Virginia vs. 10 Dayton

West Region (Glendale)

Games played in Philadelphia:

1 Connecticut vs. 16 RADFORD
8 Butler vs. 9 Texas A&M

Games played in Portland:

4 Washington vs. 13 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN
5 Xavier vs. 12 Boston College

6 UTAH vs. 11 Wisconsin

Games played in Greensboro:

2 DUKE vs. 15 MORGAN ST.
7 Marquette vs. 10 SIENA




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